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WE ARE ALL BROKEN HUMANS!  We all have problems, issues, failings and addictions.  No one comes to Sanctuary without something that needs to be fixed!  


This is the beauty of Jesus' LOVE!  He loves us while we are unlovable.  


Jesus calls us to love as He loves....So, while we sometimes mess it up as Christians, we at Sanctuary seek to love as Jesus loved.  We love people....all people, no matter what!  Part of loving is forgiving, so when we mess it up we seek to forgive, ourselves and each other.


Don't be afraid to join us and share whatever brokenness you may be experienceing.  Jesus is the answer and we can introduce you to Him!  You too can experience this incredible love and forgiveness.

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The Bible has more to say about today's world than what many people imagine....Did you know that the Bible tells us how to manage our time, about how to deal with bad bosses, being released from the addictions that bind our lives..... and so much more?


Every time we gather we will learn from the Bible, which is God's word to us.  We don't have to wonder about who God wants us to be or what he wants us to do....He tells us.     


Reading the Bible is really very cool.  It's an interesting read, although sometimes we don't understand.  That is where our leaders help us to understand the context and historical background and lead us through discerning what it means to us in 21st century life.



Whoa!  Living is hard...especially in Metro areas....In the craziness of life do you find it difficult to find a community where you can be real, honest and transparent?  At the Sanctuary churches we do life together....with understanding, with love, with compassion.


Family...True family, the way that God intended it, is what we strive to be, sharing each other's burdens and celebrating each other's triumphs.


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