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Join In

God knows that people need each other.  When He created us He said it wasn’t good for us to be alone. In His love for us, He created a family to which His people belong. That family is called the church.
How to join in?  Just show up.   You are welcome at any point in your journey.  We love people as they are and are always excited to see what Jesus will do in our lives.
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When someone decides to follow Jesus, they immediately become one with Jesus. This oneness is just like being in a body.  It's like Jesus becomes our head (or authority) and we become members of His body. The group of people that make up this body is called the church.
Being a part of the church changes everything about the way you live. The church cares for each other in remarkable ways. The bond of love and affection for one another is so strong that even when someone has great need, the church rallies to meet their need.
Jesus didn’t save people and make them part of his church so they could sit around and do nothing. The church has been given clear instruction to make disciples of Jesus wherever they go.
The mission of the church drives everything she does. Loving each other, providing for one another, holding each other accountable, meeting needs, identifying with Jesus through baptism, remembering His sacrifice through the Lord’s Supper; all of these actions take place because the church is on mission to proclaim Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

We glorify God by proclaiming Jesus Christ in order to make disciples who serve their community and spread the gospel
to the nations.
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