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We thought God called us here to plant a  church.  It turns out that our vision was too small.


When God saved our first disciple on the western side of the Bay in Redwood City, we thought, “Here is where the church will be.”  But then He saved another in the East Bay, in Oakland.  Then another in San Francisco’s Harbor View neighborhood.  Then that first new believer moved her home to Morgan Hill in the South Bay, while keeping her businesses in Redwood City. And God has continued to move in the same way, all around the Bay.


We were confused.  We asked God how we could start a church when the fruit He was giving us was so spread out. 


Through prayer, meditating, and asking God what He had for us to do, He told us that He didn’t want us to start “A church”.  Instead, He called us to shepherd a movement — to begin a network of small simple churches that will multiply and spread organically throughout the entire Bay Area and beyond.



Frankfort, KY

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Reaching the San Francisco Bay Area

 · ~8 million people live in the Bay Area; about 7% evangelical

 · One of the most unchurched regions in America

 · Multi-ethnic diversity; over 160 languages spoken at home

 · Hard-driving, fast-paced lifestyle which can leave people lonely,    
   unfulfilled, and in need of a sanctuary from the brokenness of life


What would it take?

 · To move the population to 15% evangelical … another 8%

 · 8% of 8 million = 640,000 people … over half a million new Christians

 · With an average of 60 people per church = over 10,000 new churches


It is going to take a movement!

 · With its range of ethnicities and nationalities, the Bay Area can be a  
   launching pad for missions all over the world!

 · In less than 50 years after the Resurrection, all the land around the
   Mediterranean Sea had been “turned upside down” by the spread of the

 · “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here
   also, ... saying that there is another king, Jesus.”  Acts 17:6-7


Sanctuary Bay is an expanding network of small simple churches who meet in unique places.  We are committed to sharing the gospel, loving people, learning the Bible, and growing in relationship with Jesus. God has already saved people and started gatherings of this network at all four points of the compass around the Bay Area. Do you have a passion to join God in His work to make disciples, and multiply churches in this modern day Corinth?




Called from a world of Fortune 500 corporations and entrepreneurial startups to join God’s work in the Bay Area of California, Brett and Patti are very excited about this mid-life vocational change to share the gospel, make disciples, develop leaders, and multiply new churches across the San Francisco Bay Area.  


With our background in business, tech and entrepreneurship, plus our personal testimony of grace, we believe God has purposefully scripted our lives to prepare us for a unique calling that will speak with the open, loving honesty this region of California needs.


          Brett is a:

· Phi Beta Kappa Graduate of University California Berkeley - 1984

· Air Force ROTC Cadet Commander and former Captain, USAF

· Graduate of Harvard Business School - 1991

· 25 Years in military and business leadership roles

· Co-Owner - Woodford Wicks Candle Co. & Ephraim Holdings

· Current student at Southern Seminary working toward MDiv.

· Ordained Deacon - New Hope Baptist Church, Versailles, KY

· Ordained Minister - Buck Run Baptist Church, Frankfort, KY




Brett & Patti are the parents of four adult children, Madison, Jake, Katie & Colleen.






Brett received his Masters of Divinity at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Ky.  the spring of 2017.


Living Proof of God’s Grace


· A strong and vibrant marriage which has successfully weathered the storms of life:  raising four children to adulthood in a blended family; job changes and layoffs; sickness and death of family members; walking with love through substance abuse, cynicism, materialism, and narcissism.


· Brett was saved at the age of 38, following decades of skepticism towards organized religion, when painful life circumstances brought him to a place of brokenness.   Patti was raised in a Christian home, active in church from her earliest days.  She was saved during cheerleading camp at Tennessee Temple University the summer of her Senior year of high school. 


· Successful careers in military, business and entrepreneurial settings.  Comfortable and adept at interacting with the diverse types of people found in the Bay Area.


· Veterans of multiple start-up situations, skilled at casting a vision, securing resources, and motivating teams.  Able to apply theological truths to daily life, teaching others to do the same.


· Decades of ministry experience in lay leadership, small group teaching, one-on-one mentoring, and church administration.



Email us - - We love hearing from you.  If you would like more information about our work or you would like for Brett to speak at your church or to your group, we welcome your inquiry.

492 Pullman Rd, Hillsborough, CA  94010  |  Tel: 859-552-7999

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