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Serving Others

We are in service together as a community, out in our communites.  We go out together to share the gospel and to fulfill human and community need as we can.  


Three for four times a year all the networked Sanctuary Churches come together to serve a community need and then worship as a large corporate gathering.  We anticipate these meetings to be exciting times to meet and learn from each other and worship God as a larger community of believers.


Some types of service we will be engaging in...


  • Starting churches and bible studies in the Bay Area

  • Helping and providing support to pastors starting chuches in the Bay Area

  • Each gathering selects a local need that they have a passion for and they work together to fill that need.

  • Providing Gospel Conversation and movement training to all who desire to learn. Including established Churches and para-church organizations.


  • Disaster Relief

  • North American Mission Projects

  • Helping churches start across the nation.


  • Cooperative Program

  • Targeted Mission work, support and trips to a people group who have never heard the Gospel.

  • Preparing and training missionaries to go out into all the world.  Currently training for ones to go to Africa and China.

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