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What to expect at a Sanctuary Church

Our meetings focus on learning about Jesus and sharing Him with others. They are family style and "informal" with teaching and discussion.  


We learn together -- singles, families and children all learning and worshiping at the same time. We meet anywhere and anytime, with each church setting its schedule based upon what their particular needs are.  Meetings usually run about 2 hours, but can extend past that if people want to stick around.


We worship through music, poetry and prayer, with whatever talents we have in a particular church gathering. We encourage everyone's participation.


We have a lesson from the Bible, we learn what it says and then discuss how it applies to our lives.


We practice what we have learned so when we leave the gatherings, we feel confident to share with others what we have just learned.


We typically eat and have some fun and community fellowship every time we meet.  


We are family.  We love one another and treat each other with respect, understanding and loving accountability.


We are in service together, as a community, out in our community.  We go out together to share the gospel and to fulfill human and community needs.


Three or four times a year all the networked Sanctuary Churches come together to serve a community need and then worship as a large corporate gathering.  We anticipate these meetings to be exciting times to meet and learn from each other and worship God as a larger community of believers.










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