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Our Leaders

Brett is a former military officer and a businessman with 30 years' experience in leadership, marketing, corporate strategy, and CRM in consumer and tech industries. Saved later in life at age 37, then called to be a North American missionary at age 50, he moved with his wife Patti from Kentucky to the Bay Area in May 2015 to share the gospel, make disciples, and start churches. The Holy Spirit has combined Brett’s academic, military and business experience with spiritual gifts for engaging the lost, training new believers, and leading God’s people to joyfully pursue the Great Commission. Specifically, God has called Brett and Patti to shepherd an expanding network of small simple churches who meet in unique places and are committed to sharing the gospel, loving people, learning the Bible, and growing in relationship with Jesus.

Brett and Patti have been married for 15 years and have four adult children.

Brett Butler - Pastor
Patti Butler - Ministry Assistant

Patti has worn many hats during her life including varied Mom roles (Stay at Home / Working / Single / Step) Additionally, in the public sector she has been a Teacher, Business Manager, Entrepreneur, Business Analyst in high tech and Operating Officer in Manufacturing.


Perhaps Patti’s greatest asset to our leadership team is her huge heart for families and her spiritual gift of hospitality.  She has a special calling to guide young women, wives, and mothers along the complex and demanding pathways of modern life, helping them re-capture a biblical view of femininity as they glorify God by serving their communities, employers, families and churches.


Brett & Patti have four adult children in their blended family.


We move membership into leadership, as we  regularly form new churches.  

Join us and discover how God can use you to have a major impact on His world and His Kingdom!

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