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Gatherings are currently meeting via Zoom.   Please contact us to be connected to one of these gatherings or if you want to start another with your family and friends.
If you are interested in joining in one of these gatherings just contact us and we will get you plugged in.


We believe that God is doing something incredible in the Bay Area of California!

We get to be part of it.  Currently we are meeting in several locations around the Bay Area and will be adding more as the Lord provides.  


Some locations are in homes, therefore we do not post the exact location on the internet.  If you are interested in attending a gathering, please use the contact form below and we will connect you to a gathering place. 


If you do not see a Sanctuary Bay Gathering close to you, contact us and let us know that you want a gathering in your neighborhood. 


Join us and be a part of something different, vibrant and exciting!

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